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This Business Club is based in Tshwane East, Gauteng Province and is focused on helping community members develop their businesses further towards profitability  

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Thabang Sikhosana has ten years of experience in the marketing, administration, and communication. He has worked in government, non-profit organisations, private sector. He worked with many people gained experience in handle different type of people. He worked in youth development, business development and incubations of small businesses.

Thabang Sikhosana is the founding director of G-image Creations, and ownership of 100% shares. The company focuses on marketing and communication solutions for small business. It has two years experience in the marketing sector.

At the heart of its philosophy is the inclusion, teamwork, the is a solution to every problem in business and involvement of township economy and black industrialists. The believe in continuous learning and collaborations as entrepreneurs. The culture of investing in a group can grow businesses and economy.

Business is a seed that is planted in the ground, water daily, being patient for the future fruits.
Welcome to Tshwane East Business Club.

Thabang Sikhosana
Chairman, Founder & CEO

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"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

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